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Turn you company into one more efficient and competitive thanks to solar energy.

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Obtain a photovoltaic solution that suits perfectly with your company needs. Each installation is unique and adaptable.

25 years guarantee

We do guarantee the installation as well as its components, and the same for the photovoltaics cells.

In real time

With our app you can control in real time, which is your consumption, what energy is generating your installation and how much amount of it is discharged into the electricity network. You will reach to see the amount of money you are saving with the installation at each moment. 

Real load curve

We carry on studies basing on our client’s real load curve, this means the consummation timetable of your enterprise. From the load curve our engineering department calculate the optimum solution for you.

Subsidies and grants

Dairy appear subsidies and grants to encourage companies and individuals to chose for solar energy. We take care of ordering them for your solar installation.

Efficiency and sustainability

Emsolar is an specialize enterprise in installation of renewable energy systems. We have a staff of engineers and installers who take an exhaustive control of the installation from the beginning until the end. Once the installation has finished, we will go on with the maintenance to assure his util life in optimum conditions. In addition, we will make a control that will allow you to know how much the savings are.

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Installation types

Our trajectory begins in 1985 as an enterprise of electrical maintenance. Afterwards, our services get enriched with engineering and energy efficiency. In 2007 we started our specialization in photovoltaic installations, having realizing installations of every kind and in every type of sectors. Installations for selling, PPAs, isolation, risks, systems for SAIs, etc. As we have the engineering, the installation, and the maintenance, we control every process of the quality chain.

Company integrated in Grupo Caliche.

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Completa los datos para darte un ahorro estimativo para el primer año de instalación, para los 25 años posteriores así como una solución óptima, incluyendo distintas opciones de financiación.

Es muy fácil, utiliza nuestra calculadora y descubre el poder de las instalaciones y las placas solares.

Instalación fotovoltaica en ASFALTOS DEL SURESTE

Instalación fotovoltaica en CONGESA

Instalación fotovoltaica en CUBIPLAYA

Instalación fotovoltaica en GREYPE

Instalación fotovoltaica en FINCA LO MAZÓN

Instalación fotovoltaica en EL MIRADOR

FInstalación fotovoltaica en FAMA SOFÁS

Instalación fotovoltaica en GRANJA TOMÁS PÉREZ

Interview with Adolfo García CEO of Camposeven

Interview with Gregorio Conesa, Greype Manager

Interview with Vicente, Limorte Decopiel CEO.

Instalación fotovoltaica en HIMOINSA

Instalación fotovoltaica en SALAZONES GARRE

Instalación fotovoltaica en ULTRACONGELADOS AZARBE

Instalación fotovoltaica en CAMPING LO MONTE

Instalación fotovoltaica en FEDERACIÓN DE FÚTBOL DE MURCIA

Instalación fotovoltaica en FAMA SOFÁS

Instalación fotovoltaica en POSTRES REINA

Instalación fotovoltaica en GESTOCKAL

Instalación fotovoltaica en GENERICA

Instalación fotovoltaica en PUROMASTER

Instalación fotovoltaica en CRESPO MERCEDES-BENZ

Instalación fotovoltaica en HORTAMIRA

Instalación fotovoltaica en OLEORRESINAS

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