We take care of the entire application and grant process, free of charge.

Thinking of switching to solar energy? Bored with the constant increases in the price of electricity? We are the best solution, and we process your aid or subsidy completely free of charge.

Do you want to know how we do it? Here we explain it to you step by step.


We carry out an initial study of the client's energy consumption. For this we need, in the case of individuals, an electricity bill or access to energy consumption data.

In the case of companies, in order to carry out a preliminary study that adapts to their energy needs, we will ask for a full year's consumption.


Once the energy consumption has been obtained, our engineering department will carry out a simulation which will reflect the energy production that your installation would generate. This energy will be used for self-consumption, thus considerably reducing the cost of your electricity bill. The energy that is produced and not consumed can be compensated, obtaining an additional discount on the bill.


Together with the simulation carried out by our engineers, a budget will be drawn up in accordance with the client's needs, showing the energy savings, the estimated economic savings and the payback time for the investment.


After accepting the estimate, our processing department will ask you for the necessary data to be able to manage the application for subsidies on your behalf, so that our client does not have to worry about any paperwork. In the event of any problem with the aid documentation, we will take care of solving it.

It should be noted that Emsolar will not charge any costs for the management and processing of the grants or subsidies requested by the client.


Once the subsidies have been requested, our technicians and professionals can start with the photovoltaic installation, taking charge of installing the solar panels. We have a team of professionals who will take care of the details of your installation.

Once the photovoltaic panels have been installed, our customers will enjoy much cleaner energy, thus contributing to the conservation of the environment.

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Calcula el precio de tu instalación ahora

Completa los datos para darte un ahorro estimativo para el primer año de instalación, para los 25 años posteriores así como una solución óptima, incluyendo distintas opciones de financiación.

Es muy fácil, utiliza nuestra calculadora y descubre el poder de las instalaciones y las placas solares.

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