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What does our personalised study consist of?

In order to carry out a top-quality service, at Emsolar we take care of the entire planning and installation process of photovoltaic panels, giving special importance to the previous and personalised energy study by our technical staff.

To begin with, once the client has contacted us, an initial meeting will be arranged with one of our specialised sales staffs. We will need the last electricity bill in order to obtain a summary of consumption over time and to get a first-hand knowledge of the company's consumption profile.

All our studies are carried out on the basis of the customer's real load curve, it means, their consumption according to the hours over time. The aim of this visit is also to clarify any doubts and for the customer to ask us all the information they need to make their decision. Some of the most frequent doubts are what happens with the production surpluses of our installation, how they can be compensated, how long it will take to amortise the installation or if there are bonuses or subsidies for the installation of photovoltaic panels in companies and how to apply for them.

After this first contact and once all the doubts have been resolved, one of our technicians will visit the place where the solar panels are to be installed, thus beginning the technical study.

Based on all the information obtained, a personalised study adapted to the industry will be carried out so that the client obtains all the necessary information.

In addition to an economic estimate, the personalised study adds a detailed report on the optimal position of the panels, volumetry, arrangement of solar modules and a study of shadows in order to obtain the maximum performance from the installation.

Once the budget has been accepted, if the client would like to apply for a subsidy for this installation, we will also take care of this process, thus offering all the facilities to our clients.

Sustainability is a value that matters more and more. Start projecting that message. We study your case in detail and offer you the solution that best suits your daily life. There are subsidies and grants available for installing this type of energy. We will help you with them.

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Completa los datos para darte un ahorro estimativo para el primer año de instalación, para los 25 años posteriores así como una solución óptima, incluyendo distintas opciones de financiación.

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